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Our Founder & Managing Director

Lalit Bhotika

Sri Lalit Kumar Bhotika, a visionary leader, embarked on his journey as the founder and Managing Director of Lotus Polymers Industries in 1988. Guided by his core values of quality and service, he laid the foundation of the company in Bengaluru, India. 

Under his leadership, Lotus Polymers Industries has witnessed a remarkable evolution, becoming an emblem of excellence in plastic manufacturing. His extensive experience and expertise in large-scale manufacturing have been instrumental in propelling the company’s growth trajectory from its modest beginnings of producing 20MT per month to achieving a substantial output of over 750MT.

Lalit Kumar Bhotika’s philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in the mantra “Big is small, small is beautiful.” This philosophy underscores the company’s inclusive approach, welcoming orders of all scales with equal dedication and enthusiasm. With his profound insights into the nuances of the industry, he has nurtured a company culture that values efficiency, simplicity, and collaboration.

Our Director of Operations

Basant Bhotika

Basant Bhotika, the Director of Operations at Lotus Polymers Industries, is unwavering in his pursuit of heightened customer satisfaction through continuous innovation and process enhancement. At the heart of the company’s ethos lies an unshakable commitment to precision, promptness, and quality—a trio that Basant Bhotika orchestrates with finesse.

With an academic foundation from Christ University, he embarked on a journey to amplify the company’s value proposition by augmenting its scale, volumes, customer outreach, and overall contentment. Beyond business, he champions sustainability through the principles of Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle, a testament to his multifaceted approach to leadership. These principles underscore his dedication to balancing business growth with environmental stewardship, setting a compelling example for the industry.

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